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So here's what's up:


-ended up walking down to the beach/wandering around Sheepshead Bay for an hour and a half with my dog
-talked to Samantha on the phone for a while, even though she couldn't remember why she called me in the first place
-almost missed Everwood because i lost track of time
-watched EVERWOOD
-teared up during the commerical for next week


-spent 13.5 hours at school
-hung out in the English RC with Rebecca, Sam and Mr. Manisero until 5
-went to the senior awards ceremony, which was BEYOND boring (Regina didn't win as many awards as i thought she was going to)
-ate some cookies


-went to school
-made fun of Dr. Protano/Mr. Manisero/Mr. Ferrigno with Sam and Ms. Santanello
-planned the end of the year English RC party
-went to Rose's house

I feel like I haven't done actually work in class in about a month. Oh well. Rose has an Ashlee Simpson CD on her computer desk. I think I'm going to play it. Good-bye.

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