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HP 3 came out 2 years ago


Sooooooooooo. Friday was Rebecca's birthday. School was pretty boring for the most part. A couple of us got subway after school and found out that the awesome girl who works there is named Ellie. Then we went back to school and Rebecca and Mr. Manisero started writing their book, which sounds pretty awesome. After that we went to Rebecca's house and watched Project Runway and ate pizza and cake.

I took the SAT again yesterday morning. The proctor was a total idiot and had no idea what he was doing. The essay was ridiculous and I really have no idea how I did on the rest of it. I hope I didn't go down.

Anyways, I got lunch at this diner with Rose, Rebecca, Casey, Sam, Nicole and Emily Buckley. The waitress was kind of a freak and kept harrassing Nicole. After that we took the train to my house and hung out and watched part of The Parent Trap. We were then joined by Dom, Caitlin and Amanda and walked to the movie theater/friday's. I thought X-men 3 was pretty good. I started laughing during the sad parts and that kind of pissed off Samantha. After the movie we all walked to 7-11 and then went back to my house.

Nothing terribly interesting happened today. I went to work and stuff. I'm going to go. LATER.

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