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brown eyed girl


1. Name: Maryanne
2. Single or Taken: swingin' single
3. Sex: female
4. Siblings: none
5. Eye color: brown
6. Shoe size: 10
7. Height: 5'8"
8. Innie or Outie: innie
9. What are you wearing right now?: a pink polo shirt and jeans
10. Where do you live: CROOKLYN
12. Can you make a dollar in change right now?: i can make $22 in change right now
13. Do you have a BF or GF: nope
14. Did you send this to your crush?: no
15. Best place to go for a date?: whatever


1. Kind of pants: capri
2. Number: 53189
3. Boys Name: James or Michael
4. Girls Name: Kate or Sarah or Elizabeth
5. Animal: dog
6. Drink: diet coke
7. Alcohol: rubbing
8. Month: May
9. Juice: orange
10. Breakfast: pancakes
11. Cartoon Character(s): hmmm... the peanuts gang

Have You Ever..

1. Given anyone a bath?: jackie... if she counts
2. Smoked?: no
3. Bungee Jump?: nope
4. Made Yourself Throw-up?: no
5. Gone Skinny Dipping: no
6. Put your tongue on a frozen pole: no
7. Loved someone so much it made you cry?: it takes a great deal for me to cry
8. Broken a bone: nope
9. Played truth or dare: yes
10. Been in a police car: no
11. Been on a plane: yeah
12. Came close to dying: not to my knowledge
13. Been in a sauna: yes
14. Been in a hot tub: yes
15. Swam in the ocean: yes
16. Fallen asleep in school: of course
17. Ran away?: nope
18. Broken someones heart? I highly doubt it
19. Cried when someone died: yeah
20. Cried in school: it probably happened at some point
21. Fell off your chair: yes
22. Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call?: not all night
23. Saved AIM convos: a few
24. Saved e-mails: not really
25. Made out with/kissed just a friend?: nope
26. Used someone: probably

What is...

1. Your good luck charm?: ummm i have no idea
2. Best song you ever heard: ummmmm Beethoven's 5th symphony
3. What's your room like: costa rican blue mixed with some HP
4. What is beside you?: a table
5. What kind of shampoo do you use?: VO5 WHAT WHAT

Ever Had...

1. Chicken pox:: nope
2. Sore Throat:: yes
3. Stitches:: nope
4. Broken nose::nope

Do You...

1. Believe in love at first sight: sure
2. Like picnics:: yeah why not
3. Like school: yeah


1. How many schools have you gone to:: 2 ALMOST 3
2. Who was the last person you called:: ummmm rose
3. Who was the last person you slow danced with: i suppose it was brian at prom


1. Did you last yell at:: my mother
2. Broke your heart:: no one
3. Told you they loved you last?: hahah probably dominic
4. Who's your loudest friend?: samantha, by far


1. Do you like filling these out:: every once in a while
2. Do you wear contact lenses or glasses: nope
3. Do you like yourself: yes
4. Do you get along with your family: ummm i get along with my dad


1. What are you listening to right now?: 24 in the background
2. What did you do yesterday?: hung out at rose's with dominic
3. Gotten any awards: lame ones
4. What car do you wish to have: i'd like a cool classic car
5. Where do you want to get married?: probably st. edmunds... hopefully they'll give me some kind of employee discount or something
6. Good driver?: i'm totally out of practice at the moment
7. Good singer?: hell no
8. Have a lava lamp?: nope
9. How many remote controls are in your house: 3290480923409328494
10. What do you dream about?: pretty much everything
11. When did u last take a shower?: around 11:30 i think
12. Scary or Funny Movies: funny
13. chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
14. Rootbeer or Dr.Pepper: dr. pepper
15. Skiing or snowboarding: neither
16. Summer or winter?: summer
17. Silver or Gold?: silver
18. Sprite or 7up: 7up
19. Coffee or tea: iced tea
20. Phone or in person: what?
21. Are you oldest, middle, youngest, or only child?: only
22: Indoors or Outdoors?: whatever
23. Diamond or pearl: pearl

Today did you:

1. Talk to someone you liked: no
2. Bought something: no
3. Get sick: no
4. Sing: yes
5. Talk to an ex: no
6. Miss someone: not really

Last person who....

1. Was in your bed: jackie
2. Saw you cry: hmmm rose and steven last month when i couldn't deal with school ending for like six hours
3. Made you cry: captain von trapp
4. Went to the movies with: rebecca, sam, nicole, casey and dom
5. You went to the mall with: rebecca, sam, nicole, casey, dom, rose, caitlin and brian made a guest appearence
6. Said "I Love You" and meant it: jackie
7. You hugged: jackie

Have you..

1. Ever been in a fight with your pet: i don't think so
2. Been to California: no
3. Been to Mexico: no
4. Been to Canada: yes
5. Been to Europe: yes


1. Do you have a crush on someone: wHo KnoWZzz ?!?!?!
2. What book are you reading now?: FOREVER LIESL... THANK YOU STEVEN
3. Best feeling in the world: i don't know
4. Future KIDS names: i'll figure that out when the time comes
5. Do you sleep with stuffed animals: hell no
6. Whats under your bed: a drawer
7. Favorite sports to watch: sporting events on tv usually put me to sleep
8. Piercing/Tattoos: neither
9. What are you scared of: child birth
10. Who do you really hate: haters
11. Have you ever liked someone you didn't have a chance with: yes
12. Have you ever cried: yes
13. Are you lonely right now: nope
14. Song that's stuck in your head right now: it don't matter -akon
15. Have you ever played strip poker: nope
16. Have you ever gotten beat up: hell no
17. Have you ever been on radio/TV: i don't think so
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