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Its a nice day for a white wedding


I'm going to try and make this brief...

I went over Rose's house on Thursday. Caitlin, Amanda, and Rebecca also came over. We started decorating for my party in the afternoon and then I went to work. I met them (plus Anthony, Angelo and Fina) at the mall later on and we went to American Eagle, Old Navy and the roof. We also took pictures in one of those photo booth things. Then we all went back to Rose's house and hung out.

My par-tay was on Friday. It was awesome. The picturetrails are coming soon.

Sam, Rebecca, Dom and Rose came over my house yesterday. We wanted to go see X-men three, but it was sold out until 11:30. We got dinner at Friday's instead and were served by "Six", or so we thought she said. Then we walked back to my house and watched "She's Too Young" on the Lifetime Movie Channel. I didn't even know that channel exisited until yesterday.

I had to play at this Memorial Day service thing in my 'hood today with il band. It was pretty boring and hot. I went over my aunt and uncle's house this afternoon in staten island. We ate chicken parm. I love chicken parm. I want to get off the computer. Later.

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